Calorie Snipers 30 Day Challenge

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How An 11 Year Old boy Motivated a 39 Year Old Dad To Get In The Best Shape Of His Life In Only 8 Months By Eating Foods He Enjoys and Using Absolutely No Willpower!


Kevin's Story  

Kevin O'Connor is the founder of Calorie Snipers. In this short video you can watch how his transformation took place over 8 months!  

Kevin made his weight loss into a game - a game of Mindset, Meals and Movement where his goal was to hit six points each day or as Kevin says "Hit your six"!

Tracking his meals and what he was eating, along with a regular workout routine, Kevin discovered hat losing weight was not only easy but enjoyable, once the element of a game came into it. Daily consistent commitment to his plan ensured he would lose the weight and get the body he always wanted and now he wants to share with you the exact Step By Step plan he developed that has got him the body he imagined for himself as a child all those years ago.

In order of importance Kevin rates a strong reason why you want to lose weight as the most important piece of his weight loss puzzle. Meals come in second where by he eats to his caloric intake and finally movement, more commonly known as exercise is ranked third in Kevin's Calorie Snipers program for weight loss.

Who is Kevin O'Connor and Why Should You Listen To Him?

Click Play to watch Kevin's story on Ireland AM in January.

  • Kevin struggled with his weight all his life
  • Finally, he figured out what worked for him
  • He went from 21% body fat down to 7% in just 8 months!
  • Kevin didn't require will power to do this
  • He had a strong reason WHY (Mindset)
  • He stuck with his plan consistently
  • Had a Cheat Meal once a week
  • Logged Everything he ate
  • Hit his 6 every day!


UPDATE: July 28, 2019 - 162 people have lost a total of 844.60 kg. That's 5.21 kg each since joining the challenge!

  • Access to The Calorie Snipers Game App
  • Customised Meal Plans to suit you
  • Tailored Caloric BMR Calculation Unique to you
  • Access to Kevin's Workout Routine
  • Full Access To Kevin's Meal Plans 
  • 24/7 Online Support

The Calorie Snipers Game - The App

Mindset - Meals - Movement - Hitting Your Six

Each day you score yourself 2 points in three key areas - Mindset, Meals and Movement. Your daily goal is to score a maximum of 2 points in each of these core areas and log them inside the Calorie Snipers App. Calorie Snipers members call this "Hitting their six". You do it, too and you'll lose weight!

Key Area 1: Mindset

The most important piece to the weight loss puzzle as far as Kevin is concerned. Have a strong reason why you want to lose weight and that "why" will serve as your fuel to get you motivated long enough to form positive habits you will carry with you into the future, almost forcing yourself to lose weight on auto-pilot!

Key Area 2: Meals

Using your BMR number (Basal Metabolic Rate which will be calculated for you), as your daily caloric goal, fulfill that score each day by logging your meals and tracking what you eat and you'll score 2 points.

Key Area 3: Movement

The third piece to the puzzle is movement, also known as exercise! Get some form of movement into your day, whether a long walk or a full on gym session; doing so and you'll score 2 points.

Each day you close out your scores by aiming for 6 total points for the day. These points add up and can be spent inside the online store where they can be exchanged for wrist bands, exercise equipment and more!

Works with your iPhone, Android and Computer!

Your Meal Plans - Personalised

Joining Calorie Snipers will give you direct access to the EXACT meals Kevin ate and continue to eat that helped mhim with his weight loss and body transformation. Kevin doesn't proclaim to be a nutrionist or dietiian, he's simply sharing with you exactly what he ate every day. Kevin has included 5 breakfasts, lunchs, dinners and a range of snacks and drinks that have helped keep him focused on his weight loss and fat shredding goals.

Kevin lists out in detail the exact calorie break down of each meal along with where he buys the ingredients. He has also thrown in two shopping lists so as you can print them out and bring along with you (mostly to Tesco and Lidl).

As well as Kevin's meal plans you'll also get meals customised to what you like (and most importantly don't like). Integrating with Yummly you will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert built into your Calorie Snipers App so you'll have everything you need in one place! 

You can buy these meal plans here separately if you prefer

Kevin's Workout Routine, Professionally Recorded

Kevin's also made available to all Calorie Snipers members his full workout routine! Professionally recorded at his local gym, there's over 2 hours of routines professionally filmed and edited so you'll know exactly what workout Kevin did and continues to do and what days of the week he does them on.

Broken up into two sections, Kevin provides information on his three day and five day routine, ideal if you're just starting out but also for those looking for something a little more challenging as you progress!

  • Monday: All Rounder Workout
  • Tuesday: Chest
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Shoulders & arms
  • Friday All Rounder Workout

You can buy Kevin's exact workout routine separately here if you prefer

Daily Motivational Emails

The Engine That Drives You Each Morning

They say it takes 21 days to build a habit so Kevin's created daily emails to help keep you motivated and playing the game of hitting your six!

Each morning at 6 am you'll receive an email from Kevin which will contain motivational advice, action steps for the day and annecdotal nuggets that have helped him with his weight loss transformation. You'll find these emails the first thing you'll read each day.

The challenge is designed to get you motivated and that's why Kevin created 30 specifically crafted emails to help keep your eye on the end goal - your own body transformation. However, once you're past the 30 days and want to continue playing the game there are months of email content ahead of you to keep you engaged!


Every new member to Calorie Snipers will also receive two Limited Edition wristbands - one white and one black. On the front reads "" and the mantra on the back reads: 


Kevin wears these as a daily reminder of his consistency in Hitting His Six each day.

You'll receive two of these bad boys in the post when you sign up.

 🦍 🔥 How To Activate Beast Mode 🔥 🦍  

Calorie Snipers Is Not Just For Men!

Soon after giving birth to their daughter in February 2017, Kevin's wife Emma also jumped right into the program and began her weight loss journey! She followed the same method and approach Kevin did each day, hitting her six and using her own Calorie Snipers app and playing the game!

Emma puts her success down to being consistent and doing the work whilst logging her meals and hitting her six, daily!

Emma now makes up part of the Calorie Snipers Support team, focuing mostly in helping women in the group with her own twist on how she shed the weight and got in shape!

Hardly Recognisable Now!

Live Videos, Podcasts and Q&A's

Kevin will regularly live stream video broadcasts from his gym or whilst out and about! These can often be invaluable as they serve as real life evidence of how Kevin manages situations that would have otherwise seen him fall off the wagon like he had done so many times before in the past!

All Kevin's videos get converted into podcasts and made available in the iTunes store for members!

Calorie Snipers members get to ask Kevin specific questions live on video in order to help them with their own specific problems they're having!

24/7 WhatsApp Group Support & Email Helpdesk

Get Direct access to live support from Kevin, Emma and other Calorie Snipers members! We're making ourselves available to you across the whole week in order to ensure you're getting the support you need. There are three groups - a general main group for all Calorie Snipers, then a Male and Female only group.

Calorie Snipers also has a fully fledged email support desk where you can write in for support directly and get your query dealt with that very same day! Kevin understands the importance of excellent customer service so much that he will answer your emails personally.

And Lots, lots More!

  • Printable 30 Day Worksheet
  • The Calorie Snipers Oath
  • Motivational Videos - built into the app!
  • Access to Kevin's Workout Playlist (highly motivating tracks) - built into the app!
  • Regular Meal Updates as Kevin tries new meals
  • List of Calorie Snipers Friends (locations that are calorie friendly) - built into the app!
  • Printable Weight Loss Certificate of Achievement
  • Monthly micro-challenges each month!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Are there any testimonials?
  • A. Yes, lots! See further down this page!!
  • Q. I'm over 40 - will this work for me?
  • A. I'm over 40! Age is just a number!
  • Q. I'm not very "technical" with computers and phones. Will this be too hard?
  • A. No! If you can press a few buttons that's about as much as I need from you!
  • Q. What happens during these 30 days?
  • A. Every day you receive an email from Kevin that will serve as your daily fuel to keep you motivated. You are given access to your personalised App where you "Hit Your Six" daily. You get your BMR calculated and direct access to a WhatsApp group for 24/7 online support.
  • Q. I don't have a smart phone, can I stil use the app?
  • A. Yes! The app will also work on any desktop or laptop computer!
  • Q. Do you have any workout ideas for me to try?
  • A. Kevin's made available his workout routine, professionally recorded, for you to access. It's there to give you ideas only. The theory behind it is Daily Movement - that's the key. Something that you enjoy and gets your heart rate up!
  • Q. What about meals?
  • A. You have access to Kevin's personal meal plans with full shopping lists.
  • Q. I've a lot of weight to lose. Will this work for me?
  • A. Do you want it to work? If you follow Kevin's plan laid out you'll definitely lose weight. But it's all up to you.
  • Q. Do I need to give up anything?
  • A. No! Kevin didn't restrict himself at all, he simply managed his approach to meals.
  • Q. I like Pizza. Can I still have that?
  • A. Absolutely! Kevin eat's a Domino's 12 inch most weekends!
  • Q. Do I need to give up bread?
  • A. No, Kevin recommends eaing a lower calorie bread option (he lays out where to get it for you).
  • Q. Do I need to quit alcohol?
  • A. Nope, all Kevin asks is that you keep a track of what you consume, food and drink. This helps you see where the calories are going.
  • Q. Do I need to join a gym?
  • A. No, but you need to find time to get some form of exercise in, like going for a walk or cycle. Otherwise what's the point?
  • Q. What happens after 30 days?
  • A. You can continue on with your daily emails and 24/7 support from Kevin, or you can go it alone it's totally up to you.
  • Q. If I want to cancel, do I need to speak with someone?
  • A. No, you can cancel any time from within your app under My Account. No need to speak with anyone!
  • Q. I have more questions. How can I get them anwered?
  • A. Use the Live Chat widget on this page or email - Kevin's very easy to get hold of and responds quickly.

Who Calorie Snipers Isn't For:

  • If you don't have an Open Mind, then this program definitely won't be for you
  • If you aren't prepared to work on the three key areas of Mindset, Meals and Movement, this program isn't for you
  • If you complain about not finding time and use that as an excuse, well guess what, this won't work for you
  • If you can't commit 30 Days to form the habits then this won't work for you

Who Calorie Snipers Is For:

  • If you are open minded to addressing your weight loss once and for all
  • If you know that you need help in not only diet and exercise, but also the most important piece, mindset
  • If you are prepared to create time to do the work required
  • If you're going to go ALL IN and commit 30 days for the rest of your life


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100% Money Back Guarantee!

Kevin Assumes ALL The RIsk!

Give Calorie Snipers 30 Days and Kevin GUARANTEES you will lose weight!

Try out the App, the online support groups, the daily emails and if you are not 100% happy with your results, just let Kevin know and you'll get a refund, no questions asked.

So even if you don't open a single email from Kevin until Day 29 and 11 hours 59 minutes, and you ask for a refund it's yours!

Why we offer this guarantee?

Quite simply, Kevin believes that if he can't influence you enough to get you motivated then he hasn't done his job right!

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