Calorie Snipers Weight Loss Program Kevin O'Connor

How An 11 Year Old boy Motivated a 39 Year Old Dad To Get In The Best Shape Of His Life In Only 8 Months By Eating Foods He Enjoys and Using Absolutely No Willpower!

And How You Can Do Exactly The Same!

Hey buddy,  

My name is Kevin O’Connor. That’s me in the before and after photos above over an 8 month period. It’s hard to believe now but on March 1st 2017 I was tipping the scales at 100 Kg on the left and in November 2017 I’m weighing in at 64 Kg and continue to maintain that weight.  

I’d like to share with you how I lost the weight but in order to do so I must take you back to 1989 to South-East London where my 11 year old self was sent over to the corner shop for bread and milk.  


Stuff was cheap back then, remember?!

You see even back then as a child I was overweight. Being picked last for team sports, or coming in last or second to last on Sports Days for pretty much any activity. It was just normal for me to not do well physically.

I never beat myself up over it, I had just gotten used to it. I got used to being unpopular, picked last for everything and generally just remained a shadow for most of my childhood when it came to all physical aspects. 

So upon entering the corner shop for bread and milk my eye was drawn to a row of magazines -one in particular. It was a men’s fitness magazine and the headline read: 

“Even at 39 You Can Still Have a Six Pack”  

 It’s strange to me now thinking back on this, whatever reason I was drawn to the text on that magazine cover, it stuck with me all these years.  

As each birthday rolled past I would ALWAYS be reminded of that magazine cover and what it said to me. My teen years rolled in and out and that cover appeared in my mind each February when my birthday came around.


In my twenties I’d remember the magazine cover once more and saw the target age 39 as a long way off still but that I’d fulfil that childhood promise of having that six pack before I was 39. 

My thirties weren’t long creeping around.  


SHIT. I was turning 39 soon and according to my BMI number I was obese. I had to do something as my personal deadline was fast approaching and I’d soon be turning 39 so in July 2016 I joined a gym and began working out and following a workout program.  

Then in January 2017 I had my body fat measured... I was at 21% and ARGH! I was still obese! I’d not lost any weight and in fact had gained some due to the Christmas Holidays!  

I had a month to get that six pack I’d promised myself over 28 years ago... Was I gonna do it? HELL NO!  

Not only had I NO CHANCE of fulfilling my childhood promise of having that six pack by my 39th Birthday, I was soon going to become a daddy for the first time!  

By Mid February my daughter arrived and my world lit up! I wanted to do everything and anything for her and I realised to do that I needed to make sure I was going to be there for her for as long as I could. I wanted to play games with her. I wanted to run in the park, push her on the swings, lift her up and do all the things a daddy should be doing. But I was OBESE and had fallen into DadBod territory.  

Then DISASTER STRIKES - My 39th Birthday came around end of February. 

As far as possible from a six pack and now a new OBESE father, I had to make a change. 

I had to revolutionise DADBOD. 

I had to keep that promise to my 11 year old self!

So on the 1st March 2017 I began my weght loss transformation fuelled with my strong reason WHY and keeping score of my efforts in three key areas - Mindset, Meals and Movement which I now call:

"The Calorie Snipers Way"

Here’s EXACTLY how using The Calorie Snipers Way got me in the best shape of my life: I made the whole process of weight loss into a game! That’s right, I gamified my weight loss! I knew it takes about 30 days to form habits, so I committed to simply score myself in three key areas that would allow me to create the good habits I would need to lose the weight. Every day I would score myself in three Key Areas, listed in order of importance:  

  • Mindset - this was the most important piece to the weight loss puzzle I had been missing, I needed a reason WHY and that was my daughter, revolutionising dadbod and my childhood promise. So I made sure to spend at least 2 minutes each day thinking about the reasons WHY I wanted to get that six pack! 
  • Meals - Knowing how much food I should be eating was an eye opener. I calculated my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and that became my daily caloric intake and I stuck with that.  
  • Movement - I made sure to get some form of movement or exercise into my day each and every day.  

Now if I did all three I would give myself a total score of 6 points, 2 for each area.

But if I didn’t feel I gave a good enough work out I’d mark myself a 1. 

If I did nothing, I’d score 0. Same for Mindset and Meals.  

So each day my target was to “Hit My Six”

I knew if I hit my six each and every day that I’d be on course to get the body I always wanted. 

I just KNEW it would work for me! I created an app and used it to score my points and that’s Where my Calorie Snipers App comes into play:  

This Isn't Just For Men - Meet my Wife Emma!

This is my wife Emma. Doesn't she look gorgeous! Emma gave birth to our daughter in February 2017 and a couple months after jumped right in and followed my Calorie Snipers method. As a result she went on to lose a total of 36 Kg! 

The Calorie Snipers App

I used my app every single day to help me hit my six and keep me on point. It helped keep me honest and focused on my goals. I also made sure to listen to the motivational playlists I included, along with the videos and sound tracks.  

Click Play below to preview the app!

  • Android and iPhone app Works on any mobile device including desktop and laptop!

  • Log your scores in each of the key areas of Mindset, Meals and Movement) Aim to “Hit Your Six” by logging your score each day!

  • Access Motivational Playlists that I use to this day The same tunes I listen to that keep me engaged during my workout (it’s not a pop song playlist, it’s a motivational speeches playlist)

  • Access to my personal meal plans I add my entire meal plans to the app for you to access!

  • Access to your very own meal plans My app wouldn’t be complete without your very own customised meal plans to suit your taste buds!  

This app changed my life, seriously!

Daily Motivational Emails

It takes more than just an app - it requires daily commitment and motivation! That's why I created 30 days of email instruction and motivation delivered to your inbox at 6am, including weekends! These emails are designed to keep you engaged in your Challenge and to help build upon your habit forming foundations. These must be read each morning!

Private WhatsApp Support Group

  • 24/7 Support
  • General Support Group
  • Male Only Group
  • Female Only Group

Need to ask a question and need an answer quickly? Use the WhatsApp channel for 24/7 Support from Kevin, Emma and other members of the group! I am online most hours of the day and is only a PM or WhatsApp away!

My FULL Meal Plans

These are the exact meals I ate for my 8 month transformation, along with a cheat meal once a week! I've included shopping lists, too!

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Shopping Lists 

Just a sample of the breakfast, lunch and dinners I eat regularly, all found inside the Challenge!

My Workout Routine Videos

Over 2 hours of my entire workout routine professionally filmed at my gym! Routine Includes:

  • 3 & 5 Day Workout
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Shoulders and Arms
  • All Rounder Workout
  • Abs Routine

This is the same workout routine that I use to this day and I'm sharing it with you inside the Calorie Snipers program!

Here's Everything You Get:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Your BMR Calculation
  • 30 Days of Motivational Emails
  • My Exact Meal Plans
  • Customised Meal Ideas
  • My Exact Workout Routine
  • 30 Day Tracker Printout
  • Sign The Calorie Snipers Oath
  • Accountability App Access
  • Direct Access To Kevin
  • Weekly Q & As
  • Live Weekly Videos
  • Access to Private FB Group
  • Access to Kevin's Motivational Playlist 
  • Earn Points Inside Your App!

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As soon as you sign up, here's exactly what will happen:

  • You will be sent to a signup form where you'll provide me with more information that will help me set up your Accountability Access to the Calorie Snipers App.
  • You will receive 3 emails from me immediately, containing your instructions for today. Open them and follow them through as instructed.
  • Join the WhatsApp groups immediately (links inside first email).
  • 60 Minutes later you will receive your Calorie Snipers Oath. Print it out and sign it!

I Take All The Risk!

If you're not completely satisfied in my program, even if you wait 29 days and 59 minutes to read the emails or try out the app, if you are not 100% happy FOR ANY REASON I will refund you your entire investment!


Of course there had to be testimonials, right? Here are just a small selection of testimonials I regularly receive! Click on them to enlarge.

Amanda lost over 4 Stone in only 5 months! 

She wears what she wants and feels amazing! She started at 197 lbs and now weighs 137 lbs!

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